• Reduction of waste material; waste separation
    -recycling of cardboard, paper and toner cartridges
    -recycling on office premises
  • Digital document storage
    Minimizing the use of printed matter throughout the entire event management process
  • Use of recycled paper
    If printing is unavoidable we use recycled paper
  • Energy and water saving systems in bathrooms
    Dedicated systems keep water and electricity usage at an extremely low level
  • Requirement for air-conditioning system eliminated
    by the use of environmentally compatible ventilation system
  • Video Conferencing
    cuts CO2 emissions caused by business travel
  • Staff travel to the office using bicycles or public transport
    In order to actively contribute to cutting CO2-enissions we don’t take our cars when travelling to the office. We cycle or use public transport instead
  • Raising staff awareness regarding environmental sustainability

    Employment and Social Affairs

    • Atlantik Network offers vocational training!
      We have been offering apprenticeships since 2009, training young professionals to become event managers (Veranstaltungskaufmann/-frau) and thus providing an opportunity for graduates to step into the world of events and project management.
    • Co-operation with the University of Applied Sciences Munich
      As a mentor Waltraud Jung provides support in motivated students’ personal and professional development, enabling them insights into event planning and organization while still studying.
    • Long-term relations with customers and partners
      The maintenance of long term business relations means a lot to us and we are very proud of our steady customers, some of which we have been working with for over ten years.
    • Internal events & social areas in the office
      Joint activities as well as the regular exchange of information and personal contact in our sunny courtyard help strengthen the team and our sense of community.
    • Ergonomically designed office furniture
      Height-adjustable, ergonomic desks and swivel chairs fit the individual needs of all staff members.