Whether you are planning a kick-off meeting or a corporate conference - any kind of this event is crucially dependent on consistently coordinated schedules, state-of the art technical equipment and a finely tuned supporting programme to round off the event. Letting us take care of the organizational details of your conference will enable you to entirely focus on the professional content. Please click here to get an impression of the work that we provide behind the scenes.

Participant Management

We offer participant management solutions that take you all the way - tailor-made invitation design, registration, document production and handling through to the final analysis of data.

Creative tasks such as layout, print and branding are also part of our portfolio.

We connect people, enable communication between delegates and communicate your corporate message, while at the same time we never lose sight of your objectives. Tailor-made event strategies and smooth logistics will ensure the success of your event. Please click here for examples of past projects.

Concept Design

A central theme is the motif recurring throughout the entire event. During the planning stage atlantik network develops creative ideas which will correlate to the targeted audience as well as to the customer’s mission statement and then go on to meticulously transform them into reality. Please click here to see a sample project.

Let us take your high achievers to the most beautiful spots on earth, whether these may be in a remote corner of the globe or simply at home at their doorstep. We never forget that creative ideas are the lifeblood of those unforgettable experiences that are supposed to be the stepping stone for enhanced performance. Please click here if you want to read how we can implement this for all sorts of group sizes and budgets.

Hotel Reservation Portal

You are responsible for booking hotel rooms or smaller meetings?

Try our well-structured portal - it offers quick and easy booking of hotel accommodation and meeting rooms around the globe!

Try it - it’s free of charge.