Destination: 4 cities in Germany

Participants: ca. 350

Target Group: existing customers (buyers and management)

The Task
An IT service organization commissioned us to develop an unusual idea for their customer event. The main target of this event was to be networking and the development of customer loyalty on the one hand; on the other hand, the complete product range was to be put into the spotlight. The customer wanted a road show through Essen, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Leipzig.

The Idea

atlantik network were commissioned not only to organize this entire event but also to design and develop a concept that would fit the targeted audience and the company’s strategic direction. Our concept called ‘”Universe Tour” convinced the customer. Exhibitors’ booths were designed as planets which made up an entire universe. In line with the theme the venue was fitted with star shells and LED-lighted furniture and with the help of adequate lighting and sound technology turned into a sparkling galaxy.

Guests were welcomed in the foyer and then asked through a curtain that opened up into the universe. During this main part of the agenda participants were invited to make new contacts with the manufacturers present and become familiar with their innovative products at individual booths. There were repeated short breaks with snacks and drinks, announced by short light animations and a recurring cosmic musical theme. Finally, participants and manufacturers met back inside the universe and let the evening come to an end with long drinks and other speciality drinks.


Major challenges were the short notice we had for design, development and implementation, and a rather flexibility-challenged first venue.

Most rewarding experience
The entire atlantik-network team enjoyed the process of developing the idea for this event. It was a real highlight to see the formation of this universe and become part of it.

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